Xiaomi Clarifies Consumer Concerns for Upcoming SU7 EV Launch 

Following Xiaomi Auto’s latest EV Technology Launch , Chinese consumers had raised numerous questions about Xiaomi EVs. On Monday, Xiaomi addressed these questions on Chinese social media platform Weibo. 

Regarding the most concerned pricing issue, Xiaomi Auto clarified that the final pricing has not yet been determined. Xiaomi‘s founder Lei Jun mentioned during the previous launch event that the price might be on the higher end but justified. However, specific prices like 9,900 yuan, 14,900 yuan, or 19,900 yuan, which have been social media speculations, are not accurate. The final pricing will be announced at the official Xiaomi SU7 launch event. Xiaomi stated, “The rumored prices of Xiaomi cars are all false information, and we have not confirmed the final price.”

Regarding the integrated die-cast floor, Xiaomi Car explained that the use of a 9,100-ton die-casting is due to the structure of the Xiaomi integrated die-cast floor. In practical use, the maximum locking force of the Xiaomi super high-pressure die-casting can reach 9,500 tons.

The Xiaomi SU7 incorporates a three-stage design at the rear, along with a specifically designed buffer zone on the integrated die-cast floor. In the event of a typical collision, only the buffer zone requires replacement, ensuring that repair expenses remain comparable to those of conventional designs.

During the ealier technology press conference, Xiaomi Auto introduced three electric motors. The Xiaomi Super Motor V6 and V6s are newly developed motors in collaboration with Lian Dian and Hui Chuan, while the Xiaomi Super Motor V8s is self-developed. The claim that “Xiaomi Motor V6 is an old model from Lian Dian in 2020″ is purely a rumor, clarified Xiaomi in the statement today, further stating that the V8s motor has already entered mass production and can reach a speed of 30,000 rpm in actual tests. It will be installed in cars by 2025.

Addressing netizens’ concerns about the low-temperature adaptability of the Xiaomi SU7, which was believed to be limited to minus 20 degrees Celsius, Xiaomi Auto responded that the low-temperature value mentioned during the conference was actually based on a pure air-source heat pump. In reality, the car can adapt to temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius or even lower. In terms of product planning, Xiaomi Auto emphasized that the SU7 is the standard version, and there won’t be a lower-spec version introduced solely to lower the starting price.

Regarding the previous speculation among netizens about whether Xiaomi would launch a Redmi series car similar to their smartphone series, Xiaomi Car stated that there are currently no plans for that.

It’s worth noting that besides the three colors already announced, the Xiaomi SU7 will provide additional color options, which will be unveiled at the official launch event. Xiaomi also mentioned that the previous technology launch event only provided an overview of the five core technologies and gave a brief introduction to the products. The official launch will provide a detailed presentation of a substantial amount of technology and product information.

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