Xiaomi Hosts third Annual “Family Banquet”

Xiaomi Annual invited fans to its third “family banquet” on December 29, 2017.

This year, founder Lei Jun participated in the banquet, and the company paid for event transportation and accommodation costs. The company prepared a gift for every fan and distributed more than 1,000 gifts on site.

After the dinner, Xiaomi shared the photos of the event, which was described as a feast for the family and a carnival of joy.

In the photos, Lei Jun danced with female employees. He appeared delighted.

As in the previous two years, the cuisine attracts great attention, such as the dessert named “full screen.”

Xiaomi dishes were comprised of five kinds of cuisines: specialties, state banquet dishes, cold dishes, desserts and staple food. The names were very creative, such as “black technology,” “science and technology and art,” “eye of the night,” “craftsmanship” and “things on the earth,” all of which were related to Xiaomi‘s products or ideas.

State banquet dishes were an exception. All had normal names because the dishes were included in the state banquet to welcome US President Donald Trump earlier this year. Lei also participated in that banquet.

This article by Ma Ka originally appeared in IT Home and was translated by Pandaily.