Xiaomi Applied for New Graphic Trademark of Lei Jun’s Signature

Recently, Xiaomi applied for a graphic trademark, and its international classification belongs to building materials. According to the enterprise information inquiry platform Qichacha, the application was made on on November 2021 and was for Xiaomi‘s founder Lei Jun’s signature.

The trademark of Lei’s signature looks identical to the handwriting on the back of the Xiaomi 11 Lei Jun Signature Version. Thus, the trademark is indeed the handwritten signature by Lei Jun. Last year, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi 11 Lei Jun Signature Version in appreciation for fans’ support over the company’s history.

The Xiaomi 11 Lei Jun Signature Version features a unique three-dimensional textured glass back which pioneered the hot-press texture process on a glass surface. The process gives a three-dimensional view and feel, and enables the effects of various colors under different lights. The lower left corner of the phone is also imprinted with a golden Lei Jun signature.

(Source: Xiaomi)

It is precisely because of the Xiaomi 11 Lei Jun Signature Version and its unique technology at a reasonable price that this version is in short supply. Many consumers wish to get their hands on one but they haven’t been able to. This version has even seen its price increase on second-hand sales platforms.

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This is not the first time Xiaomi has signed and applied for a trademark for Lei Jun’ signature. In December last year, Xiaomi submitted hundreds of trademark applications, including Lei Jun’s handwritten signature graphic trademark, but also Lei Jun’s name in pinyin. Xiaomi registered Lei Jun’s pinyin name trademark and handwritten signature trademark in 45 categories and protected them all.

The registration of Lei Jun’s pinyin name and handwritten signature trademarks is a defensive protection strategy to prevent brand loss due to other registrants.