Xiaomi Announces the Mi Mix 3, Another OPPO Find X Look-alike

Bin Lin, co-founder and president at Xiaomi, posted a rendered photo through Weibo of the upcoming Mi Mix 3 smartphone on Aug. 30. Both the launch and sales of the new phone were announced to begin in October.

On the same day, Huawei released its new Honor Magic 2 in Europe. This is likely the reason why Lin chose to post about the Mix 3 on the same day. He said “sorry for looking-alike” with a facepalm emoji on his post, as both the Magic 2 and the Mix 3 feature a bezel-less full screen with a mechanical slider, similar to the OPPO Find X released in June.

honor magic 2 smartphone
Huawei released Honor Magic 2 in Europe

The most popular comment under Lin’s Weibo post is by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. Lei commented that he will force their colleagues to speed up production to strive for a mass distribution in October.

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It has been 5 months since Xiaomi released the Mi Mix 2S in late March. The latest model in the Mix series had a 5.99 inch screen but an unimpressive screen-to-body ratio of 81.9% mainly due to the large bezel at the bottom that housed its front-facing camera.

MI MIX3 smartphone

This time around, we should expect the screen-to-body ratio to be above 90% as the rendered model looks to be a truly full-screen device. The front-facing camera, along with other features, has relocated to the mechanical slider. The Mix 3 potentially sports a dual-lens front camera as seen from the photo, similar to the recently released HTC U12+.

OPPO Find X has perhaps started a new trend with the mechanical slider design. However, it has sparked debates online about the “new” design they were fond of. A popular comment under Lin’s post mocked the design, saying that it reminded people of the good old Nokia slider phones, while others questioned whether this is really a step forward into the future.

No information has been released with regards to the specifications nor the price of the new Mix 3. And the Weibo photo remains as the only clue to the soon to be released Mi Mix 3.