Xiaomi Aims to Deliver 120,000 Cars as Its Annual Target

Today, Xiaomi announced an ambitious plan to deliver 120,000 units of the Xiaomi SU7 in 2024, as the demand for this model continues to surge.

According to Xiaomi Group’s first-quarter financial report, as of April 30, 2024, they had received 88,063 orders for the Xiaomi SU7 series. By May 15, they had already delivered 10,000 new cars from this series. The Group is aiming to deliver more than 10,000 units of the Xiaomi SU7 in June alone.

The popularity of the Xiaomi SU7 has greatly exceeded the company’s expectations. The original annual production plan, which was for fewer than 80,000 units, has already been completely sold out. During a conference call for Xiaomi Group’s Q1 2024 financial report on May 23, the Group’s President, Lu Weibing, stated that they are ramping up production to meet the high demand. The company is planning to move to a double-shift production schedule in June and is confident that they will deliver more than 10,000 units that month. They also aim to ensure that over 100,000 units are delivered throughout 2024.

With the ongoing expansion of Xiaomi‘s car factory’s production capacity, the company is setting its sights on a new delivery target of 120,000 units. This makes the Xiaomi SU7 a phenomenal success among new domestic car brands.

At an investor conference held earlier, Xiaomi‘s founder, Lei Jun, attributed the initial success of the Xiaomi SU7 to the vehicle’s demonstration that there is a significant market for pure electric sedans. He stated, “Previously, the pure electric sedan market was seen as a niche market, simply because no one had succeeded in it. In the traditional automotive industry, the demand for SUVs and sedans is equal. However, in the pure electric field, I believe sedans will definitely become the mainstream.”

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