Xiaohongshu Suddenly Announces the Closure of “Little Oasis”

Recently, Xiaohongshu‘s self-owned e-commerce platform “Little Oasis” released a farewell letter stating that it will cease operations and shut down in October this year.

The e-commerce platform “Little Oasis” released a farewell letter to its users: due to business adjustments and careful consideration, “Little Oasis” will cease operations on October 1st, with product sales ending. On October 31st, “Little Oasis” will officially close.

In the farewell letter, it is stated that any after-sales issues regarding the products can be addressed by contacting customer service through the “Little Oasis” channel on the product page of historical orders. Even after the store officially closes, customers can still apply for after-sales support and provide feedback through the order page, as the company will always protect consumers’ shopping rights.

According to publicly available information, Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle sharing community that covers various fields such as fashion, skincare, makeup, food, and travel. As of January 2023, Xiaohongshu has over 350 million users.

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According to reports, in early 2022, Xiaohongshu launched its self-operated e-commerce project called “Little Oasis”. Initially, it focused on comprehensive categories such as beauty products, skincare items, fragrances, and fashionable home goods. With the continuous popularity of outdoor camping topics, the number of related notes and discussions on Xiaohongshu increased rapidly. As a result, the platform changed its positioning and shifted towards exploring sports scenes such as camping, hiking, skiing, cycling, and trekking.

From the perspective of product sales, as of now, among the products in the “camping” category, only 5 items have sales exceeding one thousand based on ranking searches. Among them, the highest-selling item is a camping lamp priced at 109 yuan ($15), with a purchase quantity of 5031 units; while the second-ranked water bottle has a purchase quantity of 1636 units.

In the category of “urban sports” products, only 4 items have sales exceeding a thousand units, with the highest-selling product having a purchase quantity of 1840. Additionally, in the “skateboarding” category, the highest-selling product has a purchase quantity of less than 300 units. In the “cycling” category, the highest-selling urban commuting bike has a purchase quantity of 88 units.

Regarding the reason for the closure of “Little Oasis,” in the farewell letter, Xiaohongshu (the company) stated that during the exploration and development process of “Little Oasis,” it failed to achieve the expected goal of maximizing everyone’s outdoor needs.