Wuhan Senmu Leishi Technology Secures Tens of Millions of Yuan in Financing

Wuhan Senmu Leishi Technology, a digital power R&D company, announced on Friday that it has completed a new round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan, led by Source Code Yisu, the seed business unit of Source Code Capital, and followed by the firm’s original shareholders, Dayineng Enterprise Management and Yiwei Capital.

The funds are mainly to be used for PPEC products iteration, establishment of the company’s quality control and technical support system, and market expansion. After this round of financing, the firm will continue to promote the R&D process of PPEC controller modularization and moving onto chips, improving quality control and after-sales systems as well as the firm’s market layout.

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Founded in 2017, the company independently developed PPEC (programmable power electronics controller), based on years of technical and practical experience in power supply design modules. It has realized the standardized and rapid development of digital power. Up to now, the firm has obtained ownership more than 60 national intellectual property rights.

Based on PPEC technology, the firm has made a series of power supply products, such as high voltage power supply, inverter power supply, high precision magnet power supply, high precision coil power supply, high precision superconducting power supply. They all have the characteristics of high efficiency, high resistance of voltage and high stability. All kinds of power supplies can be customized according to needs, and various data can be flexibly adjusted. With the help of the PPEC, customers’ requirements can be fulfilled with quality and quantity in the shortest possible time.

Besides, the firm provides a series of services such as “EasyGo” power electronics semi-physical simulation. Its business field involves the R&D, manufacturing, scientific research and education units applied in industries like high-end equipment, smart grids, new energy systems and electric engines. The firm also provides users with a series of test systems such as rapid control system prototype development and hardware-in-the-loop tests.