WM Motor Launches M7 Equipped with Three Lidar Detectors

On October 22, Chinese electric vehicle maker WM Motor released its first sedan M7, which will go sale in 2022.

The entire M7 car will be equipped with three autonomous zoom high-precision super-view lidar detectors and seven 8-megapixel ultra-high-definition cameras with a maximum detection range of over 600 meters. There are 32 top-level sensors built in the whole vehicle, including lidar, high-definition cameras, high-precision positioning units and other sensors.

M7 is the world’s first batch of 4 Orin-X top-level autopilot chips, which can calculate 254 trillion times per second, and has a maximum computing power of 1016TOPS. In addition, the M7 uses a new central domain control architecture. The architecture consists of a three-in-one three-dimensional layout with an execution layer, a window layer and an ecological layer.

The new car also supports high-frequency OTA upgrade, cloud big data backup for fault detection and accident analysis.

“The concept of transportation is outdated. Smart electric vehicles should be mobile spaces,” Shen Hui said, adding that “in addition to being a mobile space, M7 should also be a robot. Whether inside or outside the car, it can assist users’ lives and provide humanized services more suitable for users.”

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Moreover, M7’s intelligent system can predict the user’s intention. For example, when it is recognized that the user needs to open the trunk, the tailgate will be automatically opened. Users only need to issue simple instructions to control the windows, door locks, rearview mirrors and other components, and even realize autonomous parking through voice instructions.