What Are Chinese Female Shoppers Snapping Up This Winter

On Nov. 25, e-commerce platform Pinduoduo released a list of its top consumer goods for women in early winter. The list makes a statistical analysis of the shopping behavior of female consumers on the platform since the mid of November, which is based on the comprehensive ranking of consumer search, sharing and order index.

The list shows that women’s winter consumption is still dominated by “beauty” and “eating.” Among the top 10 popular commodities, clothing products account for the absolute majority. Fashionable autumn and winter coats, fleece-lined leggings and thick, nude-color stockings became the top three most popular commodities. Many young women on the platform want to “wear beautiful winter clothes.”

In addition, lipstick also appeared on the list of popular products. Even in winter, looking good is still a priority for young female consumers. In terms of eating, hot pot soup and sweet potato made the list. Eating hot pot and baked sweet potato has become a new type of “Winter romance” for contemporary young women.

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“My city is not too cold now, but the atmosphere in winter has to be built first,” said Mr. Wang, a mid-20s white-collar worker who just entered the workplace. He said he bought 10 kg of sweet potatoes and an electric oven on Pinduoduo. He plans to choose a snowy weekend with his colleagues to roast sweet potatoes and watch the snow scenery, so as to experience the romance of winter.

“Based on consumption habits, female consumers on the platform are showing a trend of accelerating their youth,” said a researcher from Pinduoduo New Consumption Research Institute. “Pinduoduo will continue to bring consumers the most cost-effective products through consumer insights,” the researcher said.