Westwell Unveils World’s First Intelligent Battery-Swap Driverless Commercial Vehicle, Q-Truck

Westwell held a media conference in Shanghai on January 15, announcing the mass production of the world’s first intelligent battery-swap driverless commercial vehicle, the Q-Truck.

Westwell was officially established in 2016 and is headquartered in Shanghai. In 2018, the company independently developed Qomolo, an autonomous driving brand, and released the world’s first fully unmanned pure electric heavy truck Q-Truck, which began mass production in 2020.

Westwell put the Q-Truck on display at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in July 2021. Q-Truck has a load of 80 tons and a battery life of 200 kilometers. The front of the car will only be equipped with computing, sensing, cooling and battery systems. In addition, Q-Truck is backed with AI cameras, lidar, millimeter wave radar, and a high-precision GPS receiving system.

At present, the Q-Truck team is set up in Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Xinjiang, China. In November 2021, Westwell launched Qomolo One, a multi-use unmanned heavy-duty mobile platform. The Qomolo One features a modularized body with which each module can be split and reorganized. At the press conference, Qomolo One, which appeared in the form of an unmanned logistics truck, was reorganized into an unmanned bus.

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In 2022, Westwell will start its unmanned power swap service in four countries while, in the future, the Qomolo series will adopt new energy batteries. In China, Westwell faces many competitors such as Pony.ai, Tage IDriver and Inceptio Technology.