Weibo Launches North American AI Research Centre in Silicon Valley

On the afternoon of April 20, Weibo CEO Gaofei Wang announced the launch of Weibo’s new AI R&D center in Palo Alto, California. Weibo has become one of many Chinese companies to set up R&D centers in Silicon Valley to pave way for future AI development.

In his opening speech, Wang stated that the core purpose of setting up an R&D center in Silicon Valley is to combine Silicon Valley’s geographical and technological advantages with Chinese products and markets to make more efficient and competitive products. Weibo will now relocate the R&D of some core products, such as those related to AI and visual image content, to Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley R&D team will support Weibo’s Chinese team while also increasing Weibo’s influence abroad.

Gaofei Wang , Weibo CEO

Wang said that artificial intelligence can optimize product algorithms and recommendations using user data, ensuring higher efficiency and better experiences for social media users.

According to Wang, Weibo’s growth over the past ten years has played a significant role in promoting China’s scientific, technological and social development. Weibo not only affected China’s media community, but also profoundly influenced the development of many other industries.

According to Jason Xie, head of Weibo’s North American R&D Center, the center’s one-year establishment process was part of the company’s strategic plan. Xie hopes to recruit a team with technological expertise to direct products in the early stages so as to become industry experts in certain areas and work seamlessly with Chinese domestic products. In the future, they will hire more versatile personnel as the team gradually expands.

Weibo’s North American R&D Center is located in Palo Alto at the center of Silicon Valley, with attractive surroundings and transportation options. The office buildings are on par with several major technology companies in the area, featuring gyms and outdoor dining areas. The North American R&D Center currently has a number of positions open to people with backgrounds in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This article originally appeared in Sina Tech and was translated by Pandaily.