Wechat Pay is Available in App Store and Apple Music

Since August 29, Wechat Pay is available for users in Chinese mainland to purchase in the App Store or subscribe in Apple Music.

Users can choose to bind and to use Wechat Pay in related account settings in the App Store or the Apple Music, and choose password-free payment. Users could also set in iTunes via Mac or PC. It is quite simple. Users only need to select WeChat Pay in the account settings and verify it in WeChat. After verification, it will straightly back to the account settings. After setting, WeChat pay users could buy apps, games, and subscribe music in a fast and safe way.

Bind WeChat and experience it

Take setting in the App Store as an example. Users could touch “binding WeChat Pay” in the App Store homepage “recommendation” – “quick links”. Then, users enter “account settings”, select “WeChat Pay” and then verify it in WeChat. And the mobile will straightly go to WeChat. Currently, it is only available for iOS 10.3 or above version users.

One-step verification and saves manual input

In the WeChat app that users have logged in, users enter the payment password to complete the authentication and open the password-free payment.

According to Tencent‘s latest financial results, users of WeChat has exceeded 963 million. WeChat pay’s access to the App Store and Apple Music could further reduce the barriers of payment for users in China through its concise and fluent setting experience as well as safe and convenient using experience.


This article originally appeared in Tencent Technology and was translated by Pandaily.

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