WeChat Adds Police-Approved Face Recognition Technology

The Nansha District Government Affairs Service Center in Guangzhou introduced “WeChat Police Certified” face recognition technology and issued China’s first WeChat ID card on December 26.

Scanning the face can confirm the holder’s identity. The network ID card is part of a pilot program in Guangdong province and is expected to be available throughout China in January.

In the future, card holders can use their face or network ID card to confirm their identity when buying the tickets, checking in at a hotel, sending packages or conducting banking business. There is a chance the photocopy of ID card commonly used in daily life may be discontinued. WeChat ID also solves the problem of confirming one’s identity over the Internet. In the future, users may only need their mobile phone when traveling. In locations that require ID, users can scan their face with the phone to prove their identity.

New applications of biometrics and artificial intelligence technology have been very popular during the last year. Internet+, cloud processing platforms and big data have been linked with security, finance and other industries. Face recognition solves a core of risk in online financial transactions and may become a core feature of Internet finance in the future.

The network ID card uses AI face recognition technology, which directly compares the user’s face information with their ID card in the database held by the Ministry of Public Security. The AI system automatically matches the user’s identity information, portrait and identity document.

Many financial institutions, including banks, have put increasing attention and investment in face recognition technology. Jiedaibao, an Internet financial platform, is a pioneer of face recognition technology. It provides users with a cutting-edge experience and collects valuable data for the industry.