Wang Fengying Resigns as GM of Great Wall Motors

On July 24, Great Wall Motors announced that its board of directors has received a written resignation from Ms. Wang Fengying, the firm’s general manager. Wang has reportedly left the position due to work adjustments, and will continue to engage in strategic management-related work for the company. In addition, the board has agreed to replace Wang with Mu Feng as the new general manager.

According to public information, Wang Fengying was born in 1970 and joined Great Wall Motors in 1991, responsible for marketing management. Wang graduated from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics in 1999 with a master’s degree in economics. Since June 2001, she served as the executive director of Great Wall Motors. She assumed the position of general manager since November 2002. According to a previous announcement by Great Wall Motors, Wang resigned as executive director and vice chairman of Great Wall Motors at the beginning of this year.

At the early stage of operation, Wang Fengying, as the sales manager, changed the sales mode of “consignment system” commonly used at that time to “distribution system.” Under the consignment system, the agent sells goods on credit to help the manufacturers sell them, and only earns commission. Under the distribution system, dealers buy goods and sell them at their own prices. This innovation stimulated sales enthusiasm of dealers and pushed the company into the fast lane of development.

After that, Wang proposed to set up franchise stores to provide pickup truck owners with similar services to car users, which laid a foundation for the subsequent transformation of its SUV business.

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According to the announcement, Mu Feng, the new general manager, is currently mainly responsible for the overall management of the company. Mu joined Great Wall Motors in 2007, and was the head of R&D, commodity strategy and vehicle business of Great Wall Motors. He now also manages the technology R&D branch.

As a typical representative of China’s independent auto brands, Great Wall Motors has in recent years achieved glory in the era of fuel vehicles with its SUV models. Facing a new track with new energy and intelligence, Great Wall Motors has also started a transformation. It has established the pure electric brand Ora, high-end brand WEY and new energy brand Saloon. Data show that in the first half of this year, Great Wall Motors sold a total of 63,600 new energy vehicles.