VooV Meeting Attracts Nearly 200 Million Users, to Connect New Version of WeCom

On Wednesday, at the Tencent Digital Ecosystem Summit, Qiu Yuepeng, Vice President of Tencent and President of Tencent Cloud, unveiled that the number of users of VooV Meeting, a video conferencing platform, is close to 200 million. In the past year, the number of conferences that users attended through the app exceeded 4 billion.

At the summit, Qiu further revealed that this year, VooV Meeting further cooperated with Tencent Docs, WeCom and other applications. In the next version of WeCom, users can directly launch online conferences through VooV Meeting in the platform’s group chat. At the same time, WeCom and VooV Meeting will cooperate closely to enable just one account for both apps, allowing users to have a more immense experience.

According its official website, VooV Meeting is a high-definition, smooth, convenient, safe and reliable cloud video conference product based on Tencent‘s 21-year experience in audio and video communication, allowing users to meet their conference needs in a range of different scenarios. WeCom is a communication platform for enterprises that includes convenient communication and office automation tools. Similar to WeChat, WeCom has many free OA applications, and links messages, mini programs and payment services.

Up to now, VooV Meeting serves users of more than 220 countries and regions around the world.

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