Volvo Partners with AutoNavi and iFlytek in its First Pure-Electric SUV XC40 RECHARGE

Swedish luxury automobile brand Volvo joined hands with Chinese tech companies including Alibaba’s AutoNavi and information tech company iFlyTek to launch its first pure-electric SUV XC40 RECHARGE on Sept. 26 at the 2020 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (Auto China 2020.)

Based on the user habits of Chinese customers, the intelligent interconnection system of the XC40 RECHARGE integrates software support from companies including Huawei, Tmall, AutoNavi, iFlytek and Tencent to satisfy users’ needs in the car through big data and cloud technology. Once users log into their accounts on the platforms provided, the data is instantly synced in the car’s system.

The intelligent interconnection system in Volvo SUV XC40 RECHARGE (Source: Volvo)

AutoNavi, the leading Chinese web mapping provider, is able to offer drivers route suggestions for charging according to the remaining battery power via the intelligent interconnection system. 

Moreover, services including charging, parking, hotel booking, and ticket purchases can be realized through AutoNavi in the SUV.

Information tech provider iFlytek cooperated with Volvo in the car’s voice control system. 

Utilizing an artificial intelligence algorithm, the interconnection system can recognize voices from both the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat, only requiring one wake-up call throughout the whole driving experience. 

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Volvo also launched the whole RECHARGE series in addition to the pure-electric SUV, including the pure-electric series RECHARGE P and the hybrid RECHARGE T. The brand also unveiled the flagship S90 and SUV XC90 at Auto China 2020.