vivo Upgrades Its Self-Developed Blue Heart Model to an AI Multimodal Large Model

During the ongoing vivo Imaging New Blueprint and X Series New Product Launch Conference, vivo has unveiled an upgrade to its proprietary Blue Heart model, now termed the “AI multimodal large model.” This advanced technology enables the model to interact with the world through various senses like vision, sound, and space, enhancing its comprehensiveness and intelligence.

Moreover, vivo has leveraged this multimodal large model technology in the “vivo See the Blue Heart Upgrade Edition,” an application designed to assist visually impaired users in better perceiving their surroundings.

Previously, at the 2023 vivo Developer Conference held on November 1, vivo introduced the Blue Heart model, a self-developed large model matrix. This model gave rise to new features like the Blue Heart Little V global intelligent assistant and the Blue Heart Qianxun natural language dialogue robot. The Blue Heart model comes in different parameter scales, including one billion, ten billion, and one hundred billion, and consists of five self-developed large models (Blue Heart Model 1B, Blue Heart Model 7B, Blue Heart Model 70B, Blue Heart Model 130B, Blue Heart Model 175B). These models cater to diverse application needs and computational conditions, showcasing vivo’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver user value efficiently.

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