Vivo Launches OriginOS at 2020 Developer Conference

Vivo revealed its new Android operating system OriginOS at the 2020 Developer Conference. OriginOS offers an array of original features and different customization options. The conference was held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center.

The establishment of OriginOS centers around three aspects concerning smartphone consumer demands – design, smoothness and convenience, according to the company.

OriginOS was showcased at the conference, introducing software updates that enable the operation of complex multi-faceted processes. With OriginOS’s desktop information management system, users can place their most frequently used apps on the desktop, providing minimalistic convenience and enabling Vivo partner developers to create original scenarios for innovative usage.

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Bothered by the overload of information and tired of repetitive aesthetics, people are searching for new ways to express themselves. The company said OriginOS’s simple and straightforward layout and design bring back a sense of control to users and allow them to efficiently navigate their smartphones.

Vivo OriginOS’s desktop
Vivo OriginOS’s desktop (Source: Vivo)

The company is retracing its roots to focus on the origin of core user needs as its strategic approach for the future, said Vivo Senior Vice-President Yujian Shi during the event. He said Vivo has a three-pronged approach, focusing on products and services that appeal to consumers, a collaborative ecosystem fostering mutual benefits with developers, and eventually building the bridge between users and the digital world.

At the event, Vivo also delivered its latest updates and strategies on application services, mobile games, business partnerships, open technology development and its IoT ecosystem.

Vivo launched diversified product lines in recent years including smartphones, a smartwatch and wireless earphones, and partnered with TV, PC and automobile brands to provide holistic multi-screen interactive experience for users. The company said Vivo will continue to develop AR glasses, as well as other intelligent devices to complement user experiences.