Virtual Entertainment Platform Burning Galaxy Obtains $10 Million in A-Round Financing

Burning Galaxy, a virtual interactive entertainment platform, recently announced its completion of an A round of financing worth $10 million, led exclusively by Matrix Partners. After completing this round, the firm plans to start service in North America in June 2022.

Burning Galaxy was established in 2018. The “Project-AE” currently being developed by the company is an interactive entertainment platform integrating digital characters, a virtual world and user generated content (UGC). On this platform, users can use their digital characters to communicate and participate in various business and entertainment activities in the virtual world, including owning their own companies or real estate and playing games. Through UGC tools, users can create virtual scenes such as multi-person interactive games.

Burning Galaxy has a global R&D team with members who have rich experience in online game development, film and television production and artificial intelligence.

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Huadong Wang, a partner of Matrix Partners, said: “We have seen the outbreak of the theme of ‘users are creators’ in the global content industry. In the future, cross-platform and user-created games are bound to bring better game experiences. Burning Galaxy has achieved a lot of innovations in the creation of open world, UGC co-creation, and more.