Video Streaming Site Bilibili Removes Hacked Security Camera Footage

Web users in China have uploaded footage to domestic video streaming platform Bilibili that is suspected to have been obtained by hacking security cameras in public places, sparking public concern.

One user said that he came across suspicious accounts on Bilibili that were dedicated to uploading hacked security camera footage of public places such as schools and hospitals. The individual added that comments below the video content were “unbearable.”

“This may be part of an already-formed gray industrial chain. They have a high probability of making these accounts to draw people into certain paid chatrooms. Not only public security cameras, but also home security cameras are in danger of being hacked and leaked,” the web user said.

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Bilibili issued an announcement on Monday, removed the offending content, banned accounts that uploaded such footage and reported the account information to the authorities. Follow-up investigations are underway.