Vice President of Chinese Streaming Platform iQiyi Che Che Leaves Company

Che Che, Vice President of Chinese streaming platform iQiyi and head of YOH Studio, announced his resignation from iQiyi on Thursday via his personal Wechat account.

“A new dream will begin, which does not mean that those past days will be forgotten. Five years is very long, and it is worth remembering for a lifetime and being grateful for everything,” he said.

iQiyi confirmed the news and revealed that Che will pursue his entrepreneurial dream in the field of art trends. In addition, Che will continue to work with iQiyi as a “cultural trends consultant” to create popular music programs such as “The Rap Of China 2022” and “FOURTRY.”

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Che Che joined iQiyi in 2017, set up YOH Studio, and devoted himself to youth pop culture. He has successively produced hit programs such as “The Rap of China” and “Hot-Blood Dance Crew,” and led the production of a series of programs such as “I’m CZR” and “FOURTRY” as the chief producer. On September 11, 2017, Che Che was promoted to Vice President of the company.