UWin Tech Completes Round-C Financing Led by GL Ventures

On Thursday, UWin Tech announced its completion of round-C financing, which was led by GL Ventures and followed by SIG and Stora Capital. The new funds are mainly to be used for product research and development, marketing, channel construction and the introduction and development of high-end talent.

UWin Tech was founded in 2015 by a team with senior executives who are mainly former Tencent technical experts. The firm is a new prominent development and operations (DevOps) and maintenance solutions service provider in China, providing comprehensive IT solutions for enterprises.

DevOps can be regarded as the intersection of development (software engineering), technology operations and quality assurance (QA). Based on the industry’s demands for agile development and high-quality delivery of application software, traditional software delivery mode (developers focus on software development and operations personnel are responsible for deploying software to servers) can no longer meet the needs of rapid software iteration. DevOps, as a solution and practice mode to break the gap between R&D and maintenance, speeding up the software delivery process and improving software delivery quality, is now becoming a major trend.

In 2020, UWin Tech was selected into Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for ICT in China, 2020” report. The firm was also the only DevOps manufacturer selected in China.

EasyOps is an automated, data-based and intelligent DevOps platform developed by UWin Tech, which can cover configuration management databases, automated operations, data-based operations, IT service management, CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery), low code and nearly 300 micro-applications.

On the other hand, DevOps + low code is the strategic focus of UWin tech. Its DevOps capability fully empowers IT R&D, testing, operation and maintenance, as well as other scenarios.

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Up to this round of financing, UWin Tech has provided DevOps solutions for more than 15 mainstream industries and more than 300 leading enterprises in China, and has accumulated abundant cases in banking, securities, insurance, funds, real estate, manufacturing, operators, government, energy, transportation and other fields.