US Files Final Ruling: No Ban on DJI Drones in the US

The United States International Trade Commission announced on Aug. 21 that it will not enforce an injunction on DJI’s products in the US after its decisions regarding investigations into the alleged violations of Section 377.

On Aug. 30, 2018, Autel Robotics, a US subsidiary of a Chinese company, filed a petition with ITC, saying that Shenzhen DJI and its affiliates’ drones and components exported to, imported into, or sold in the US infringed on its patents of features such as path following and obstacle avoidance, rotor assembly and a way to switch out batteries to minimize delay time between flights, reported Bloomberg in 2018.

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The company later requested the ITC to initiate a 377 investigation and issue an injunction.

The United States Department of the Interior (DOI) conducted 1,245 tests on DJI’s two major drone products for 538 hours and released a report in July 2019 regarding DJI’s flight test and technical evaluation. According to the report, no data breaches were found during tests.

Earlier today, DJI Public Relations Director Xie Tiandi posted on Weibo a video of the real production scenes inside DJI’s factories.

“This is the first time for DJI to disclose the actual drone production and manufacturing from inside the factory. You can see the highly automated assembly and testing process from the video. In October last year, DJI President Roger Luo said at the 2019 National Quality Benchmark award ceremony that DJI’s factories implemented a self-developed information system, DJI Smart Solution, to improve the automation and intelligence level of the entire manufacturing process,” Xie wrote on Weibo.