Transsion Subsidiary TECNO Unveils Polychromatic Photoisomer Technology

Recently, TECNO, a mid-to-high-end smartphone brand owned by Transsion, revealed its Polychromatic Photoisomer technology for the first time, successfully allowing the monochrome back cover of a smartphone to show multiple changing colors under illumination, paying tribute to the classic artist Mondrian. This technology is expected to be applied to the company’s mid-to-high-end smartphones.

The innovative technology utilizes the molecular principle of bond chain breakage and restoration of photosensitive molecular bonds under the ultraviolet light, which is a process of changing from a colorless group to a chromogenic group and then back to a colorless group.

(Source: TECNO)

According to the company, the technology is made through 22 various processes. In addition, debugging has taken place more than 500 times, now accurate to nanometer level. Moreover, TECNO has broken through the technical limitations of monochrome, or two-color color change.

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TECNO is a mid-to-high-end smart phone and smart hardware brand owned by Transsion, dedicated to serving young consumers in emerging markets around the world. Adhering to the brand spirit of “Stop at Nothing,” TECNO is committed to providing intelligent technology products integrating contemporary cutting-edge technology and elegant fashion design for young users who actively try new technology and explore future development opportunities in emerging markets around the world.

TECNO’s product includes smartphones, tablets, smart wearable devices and smart home devices. The company currently operates in more than 70 emerging markets around the world. It is also the official partner of Manchester City Football Club, the champion of 2020-21 Premier League.