Tianjin’s First Fully Automatic Subway Officially Completed

Last Thursday, the second phase of Tianjin’s Metro Line 6, designed by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. and built by Tianjin Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., successfully completed assembly and static debugging, marking the accomplishment of the vehicle prudction process. This is the first unmanned subway manufactured locally in Tianjin.

The second phase of Tianjin’s Metro Line 6 adopts a lightweight A-type aluminum alloy for the body of the metro, which itself is composed of 6 cars. It is a “smart subway train” designed and manufactured with the concept of intelligence, safety and comfort in mind.

According to the CRRC, the train adopts the highest level of automated driving technology and features a series of functions such as automatic wake-up, automatic departure, parking and environment detection. At the same time, a vehicle intelligent operation and maintenance system based on fault prediction and condition management is configured to collect data throughout the metro system. The application of big data analysis technology will assist in the metro’s operations by enabling real-time monitoring, potential failure warnings,  general assessment of conditions, and decision support of metro operations, all of which will improve safety, efficiency, and cost reduction.

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In addition, the metro is equipped with intelligent service features such as photosensitive lighting, LCD maps, passenger density detection and guidance, and variable frequency heat pump air conditioning.