Thunderbird Innovation Releases New XR Glasses for 2,499 Yuan

Augmented reality device startup Thunderbird Innovation on October 20 released a new generation of XR glasses called the Thunderbird Air 1S, priced at 2,499 yuan ($344) and capable of covering many scenarios such as watching movies, games, office work, drones, and intelligent cockpits.

The XR glasses adopt BirdBath and MicroOLED technology, which can create a 130-inch HD giant virtual screen for users. Equipped with a new generation of Sony MicroOLED, the resolution reaches 1920*1080 and the contrast ratio is greater than 100,000: 1. It can not only bring an immersive audio-visual entertainment experience, but it can also clearly show words and images. It has also obtained TÜV Rheinland’s certifications including low blue light, no stroboscopic and eye comfort.

Thunderbird Air 1S (Source: Thunderbird Innovation)

For office work, the Thunderbird Air 1S has added a privacy screen function. Users can set “extended screen” or “only second screen display” through the computer, and all content will be displayed only on glasses, effectively protecting their privacy.

The audio system of Thunderbird Air 1S has also been comprehensively upgraded with a stroke of 0.5 mm for the first time. Meanwhile, Thunderbird Innovation takes a large number of human ear models as samples, and finely adjusts the opening position of the speaker to bring the sound closer to the ear.

In order to give attention to the privacy of listening to audio, Thunderbird Air 1S is equipped with phase cancellation technology, and the positive and negative sound waves are cancelled outside the glasses, ensuring that audio only propagates near the ear.

Thunderbird Air 1S (Source: Thunderbird Innovation)

Thunderbird Air 1S is similar to ordinary sunglasses in shape, with great comfort through curve optimization and weight dispersion design. At the same time, Thunderbird Air 1S adds a volume and brightness dial wheel, and a 3D mode switch on the right temple.

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In terms of content ecology, up to now, the Thunderbird XR Glasses app developed by the firm has covered mainstream platforms such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, Bilibili and Douyin, to provide massive film and television resources.

Thunderbird Innovation is still a technology-based startup, and its core team started work on AR technology research as early as 2018. At present, the company has two products – XR glasses based on the “Birdbath” scheme and AR glasses based on a MicroLED scheme.

According to a report released by Analysys, a third-party data organization, Thunderbird Innovation, which was established only one year ago, became the second-largest brand in China in the third quarter with a market share of 28.6%. As of September 2022, the company has reached cooperation with many enterprises such as Li Auto and iQiyi, aimed at expanding AR applications. The company will release two products every year, and hopes to take the lead in launching a revolutionary product in 2024 before Apple.