‘The Wandering Earth’ Expected to Break Box Office Record in China

It is officially announced that the total box office of China’s first hard sci-fi film The Wandering Earth has reached 3 billion yuan ($443 million) in just nine days and 16 hours after its release, now ranking the sixth in history of Chinese film production.

On top of the list is the Chinese patriotic blockbuster Wolf Warrior 2, which garnered 5.67 billion yuan in total. Released in 2017, the film managed to achieve 3 billion yuan of box office in 10 days and 15 hours.

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Considering the current trends, The Wandering Earth has the potential to surpass Wolf Warrior 2 in box office. Interestingly, both films starred Wu Jing, who often portrays patriotic heroes on screen.

Considered by many foreign media as a nationalist action film, Wolf Warrior 2 tells the story of how a heroic Chinese soldier saves his compatriots from local rebels in an African country. The scene of the hero wavering a national flag on a tank is seen as a modern classic these years.

photo source: Wolf Warrior 2

Some critics labled The Wandering Earth the space version of Wolf Warrior 2 due to its patriotic implications. However, the former is actually less national-oriented and focused more on the concept of universal salvation, though the summon of international rescue teams was initiated by a Chinese little girl.

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Behind the scenes of the movie, Wu himself invested 60 million into the film-making and didn’t get paid for his performance. His generous deed matches his character on screen. “We have never made a sci-fi film in China, now there is finally someone willing to make a sci-fi film. If we don’t do it, we will continue falling behind.

Among the top 20 in the list, seven are foreign blockbusters including Fast and Furious 7, Avengers: Infinity War and Aquaman.

The Wandering Earth has also attracted attention in overseas cinemas. Up until now, the film has been launched in 22 cities in America, three cities in Canada, as well as in Australia and New Zealand, with a score as high as 7.9 on iMDb.

James Cameron, who previously turned down the request of directing this film, expressed his good luck wishes for the film after its release. “Good luck with your space journey of the Wandering Earth. Good luck with the voyage of Chinese sci-fi films.” He wrote on Weibo.

Featured photo credit to weibo @电影流浪地球