“The Three Body Problem” Adaptation Copyright Holder to Develop Film Version in China

A Chinese-made TV show adapted from “The Three Body Problem,” a popular sci-fi novel series that won its author Liu Cixin a Hugo Award, is about to usher in the finale. Zhao Jilong, CEO of The Three-Body Universe, the copyright owner of the adaptation of the book, believed that the overall broadcast effect of the show has exceeded expectations, local media outlet The Paper reported on February 14.

As for the film version, Zhao revealed that the company has been looking for suitable adaptation ideas and story presentation, hoping to make an even bolder effort with cinematic features.

The popularity of The Wandering Earth 2, a catastrophical sci-fic film, made many netizens call for Frant Gwo to direct the film version of The Three Body Problem. In this regard, Zhao said that he was “very welcome” and hoped that more and more sci-fi film and television production talents could join the development of The Three Body Problem.

“Frant Gwo and I have been friends for many years, and we have many similar ideas about the industrialization of film and television production. We all hope to create a more standardized system of domestic science fiction movies and TV production through our experience,” Zhao added.

Zhao stated that, at present, there are three business lines surrounding The Three Body Problem.

The first line is about the book itself. Considering the number of young readers, the popular science industry will be one of the key considerations of the company in the future. The selection of several chapters of the book in Chinese textbooks has become a positive signal to guide young people to pay attention to science fiction works.

The second line refers to the vast number of science fiction enthusiasts. The number of domestic readers of the book has exceeded 10 million, while the number of users who have read the book has exceeded 100 million. With the release of TV series and animations, these two numbers are still expected to achieve significant growth. Around these users, the company will form a community.

The third business line includes all kinds of derivative products. At present, the revenue of the company mainly comes from film and television drama production and commercial authorization, accounting for 60% and 40% respectively. In the future, the company may sell related products for fans on its own.

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In Zhao’s plan, the company will develop a new derivative content universe based on the original work within five to ten years. For example, the key characters and stories in the book will be interpreted into a new chapter, which will bring new development avenues and revenue streams to the company.

After the drama version of The Three Body Problem officially ended, the production plan for a TV series about the main character Si Qiang was announced. Animations, VR, and variety shows are already in the plan for the company’s subsequent development.