The News States that the Cooperation Between Tencent and Meta Has Been Terminated

On January 19th, according to VRTUOLUO‘s report, Tencent received a notification from Meta last month stating that the current collaboration between the two parties on this generation of XR hardware will be temporarily suspended.

The report states that the reason for the termination of cooperation may lie in the conflicting details and divergent ideas between Tencent and Meta’s related teams during the project’s progress.

In November last year, there were media reports that Tencent had reached a preliminary agreement with Meta to sell a new entry-level VR headset in China by the end of 2024. Meta will receive most of the revenue from device sales, while Tencent will earn more from content and service revenue.

At the same time, the report points out that this agreement is a temporary one and details may change. It has now been reported that Tencent‘s cooperation with Meta has been suspended, leading to speculation within the industry that there may be conflicts between both parties regarding project implementation details.

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According to reports, Tencent and Meta originally planned to launch a “Quest 3 Starter Edition” XR device in the Chinese market. Apart from chip upgrades, other specifications are “almost identical to Quest 2”.

As of the time of writing, Tencent has not yet responded to this.