The First Batch of BYD Qin L Delivers, Wang Chuanfu Personally Hands Over the Car to the Owner

On May 30th, it was learned from the official website of BYD that the first batch of BYD Qin L cars has been officially delivered. Chairman Wang Chuanfu and BYD Dynasty General Manager Lu Tian appeared at the delivery site to hand over the cars to the owners. The BYD Qin L was officially launched on May 28th with a price range of 99,800-139,800 yuan. It is equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM technology, achieving a comprehensive range of 2100km and an energy consumption rate of 2.9L per hundred kilometers under NEDC conditions.

The appearance of the Qin L DM-i still adopts the ‘dragon face’ design concept, with long and narrow headlight shapes on both sides. The front bumper features a large opening design, with curved air vents on both sides, giving the overall look a sharper feel. In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of the new car are 4830mm*1900mm*1495mm respectively, with a wheelbase reaching 2790mm.

In terms of intelligence, the Qin L DM-i is equipped with DiLink smart cockpit, featuring a 15.6-inch adaptive rotating floating pad, in-car ETC, mobile NFC car key, and full-scene intelligent voice control; it is 100% compatible with the mobile phone ecosystem, with mobile NFC car key as standard across the range and compatibility with various mainstream mobile phone brands.

In terms of active safety, the Qin L DM-i is equipped with DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, including ACC adaptive cruise control, ICC intelligent navigation assistance, LDW lane departure warning, LDP lane departure prevention functions along with 4-probe rear parking radar and 3D panoramic transparent imaging. In terms of passive safety features, besides having six conventional airbags installed in the vehicle for protection purposes there are also additional front far-side airbags.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM technology, consisting of a 1.5L engine and an electric motor. The engine has a maximum power of 74 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 126 Newton meters, while the electric motor offers two options: 120kW and 160kW. In terms of batteries, the new car comes with two capacities of lithium iron phosphate batteries: 10.08kWh and 15.87kWh. The pure electric range under CLTC conditions is 80km and 120km respectively, with a maximum combined range reaching up to 2100km. The energy consumption per hundred kilometers under NEDC conditions is only 2.9 liters.

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