Tesla Sues Bingling Intelligent Technology, in Which Xiaomi Holds Shares

Recently, Tesla (Shanghai) has filed a high-profile lawsuit against Bingling Intelligent Technology (Changzhou), accusing it of infringing on Tesla’s trade secrets and engaging in unfair competition. This case will be heard in the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court on October 10, 2023.

Bingling Intelligent Technology is a company established in May 2022. It mainly engages in integrated circuit chip design and services, manufacturing of automotive components and accessories, as well as research and development of automotive parts. Its main product is energy efficiency management sensors, which are used for battery system management, motor drive control, and power modules in new energy vehicles’ three-electric systems. These sensors play an important role in energy efficiency management and safety control of new energy vehicles.

Tesla believes that Bingling Intelligent Technology has infringed upon its intellectual property rights in areas such as integrated circuit chip design, and is suspected of stealing Tesla’s technological secrets. As a company with advanced electric vehicle technology and related patents, Tesla’s technological secrets are the core competitiveness of its competition. Tesla is concerned that Bingling’s actions may lead to technology leakage and theft of trade secrets, thereby adversely affecting Tesla’s market position and business interests.

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In addition, it is worth noting that Xiaomi Smart Factory acquired a stake in Bingling Intelligent Technology in March of this year, becoming its second-largest shareholder with approximately 11.86% ownership. This situation makes the case more complex, involving the interests of the well-known technology company Xiaomi. As a shareholder, Xiaomi may have a significant influence on the development of Bingling Technology and the outcome of the case.

The trial of this case will be an important step in resolving the dispute between Tesla and Bingling Intelligent Technology. Tesla will seek the support of the court to protect its technological secrets and demand that Ice Bingling Intelligent Technology cease its infringement and unfair competition. The outcome of the trial will have significant implications for Tesla, Bingling Intelligent Technology, and the entire new energy vehicle industry.