Tesla Suddenly Caught Fire, Owner Must Sign Confidentiality Agreement for Compensation

According to the report from the “Life Help(Bang)” program of Shandong Radio and Television Station on June 11th, a Tesla Model Y owner reflected that after his vehicle caught fire, Tesla officials compensated him but also required him to sign an agreement, which he found difficult to accept.

The owner explained that his Model Y was just purchased about half a year ago. On the evening of February 5th, the vehicle caught fire while parked on the side of the road and was completely destroyed. Personal belongings worth thirty to forty thousand yuan inside the car were also burned.

Subsequently, the report issued by the fire department showed that the possible cause of the fire may be a faulty steering integrated circuit board connector in the vehicle, leading to an electrical malfunction and igniting the fire. The car owner stated that Tesla was willing to compensate him 30,000 yuan for his personal belongings inside the car, but required him to sign an agreement. However, they did not reach an agreement with Tesla.

In this agreement, Tesla requested him to delete materials such as videos, photos, and voice recordings related to this fire incident sent to media outlets. The car owner stated that he could not comply with this request. Currently, Tesla and the car owner have not reached a consensus.

On June 14th, the “Life Help(Bang)” program tracked and reported on the follow-up of the incident. The staff at the Tesla Experience Center in Jinan promised a response within three days, but there has been no further response since then, and relevant officials have not appeared.

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