Tesla to Recall 14,684 Model 3s Due to Lack of Speed Information

Tesla is recalling 14,684 imported and locally made Model 3 vehicles in China due to problems with the software that could lead to collisions, according to an announcement of the State Administration of Market Supervision on Friday.

The EV giant will recall the Model 3 Performance cars manufactured between January 2019 to March 2022, including 1,850 cars that were imported and 12,834 made in China, according to the filing submitted by Tesla (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The cars being recalled do not show a unit for the vehicle’s speed under Track Mode which could mislead drivers and lead to collisions under extreme circumstances, the regulator said.

Tesla will remotely upgrade the software to 2022.12 version or higher for vehicles within the scope of recall free of charge through its OTA technology. The upgraded vehicles will display the proper speed under Track Mode.

For vehicles that cannot be recalled through OTA technology, Tesla will contact users through its service center to upgrade the software free of charge to eliminate any potential safety hazards.

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According to another announcement issued by the regulator today, BYD, a competitor of Tesla in China, also decided to recall 9,663 of its Tang DM electric vehicles manufactured between September 2, 2021 to March 14, 2022. Due to manufacturing reasons, some of the vehicles being recalled have an uneven mounting surface of the venting valve in the power pack tray, rendering them potentially prone to water ingress.