Tesla Has 8,000 Super Charging Piles in Chinese Mainland, Covering 360 Cities

The official Weibo account of Tesla’s China Charging Team announced on Tuesday that, as of today, the company has built and opened over 1,000 super charging stations and over 8,000 super charging piles in the Chinese mainland, covering over 360 cities in China.

Tesla’s executives have said that the company’s charging network has doubled in the past year and a half and is expected to triple in the next two years. In view of the congestion of individual charging stations, Tesla arranged mobile charging piles while alsointroducing pricing strategies to encourage off-peak charging to reduce wait times.

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By contrast, NIO, a domestic electric vehicle brand, announced on Monday that the 614th NIO power exchange station in China had been officially launched. According to the company’s previous plan, NIO expects to have more than 700 power exchange stations online by the end of the year. As for charging stations, on October 30, 2021, NIO officially announced that the 1000th NIO charging station was launched in Shanghai.

In July 2021, Xpeng Motors announced that it had launched 45 charging stations in popular travel destinations, 298 super charging stations and 1,257 free charging stations.