Tesla China Completes Super Charging Pile Production Project, Planned Output to be 10,000 Superchargers Per Year

BJnews reported on Tuesday that Tesla has completed its charging pile production project in Shanghai, China. The project was officially completed on August 20 and had tests conducted from August 21 to September 25. The acceptance testing will be completed between September 26 to October 30.

The non-major adjustment report and environmental protection implementation measures of Tesla’s charging pile project suggest that the project had been officially launched on January 20th of this year. Its construction area covers nearly 10,000 square meters and the planned annual output is for 10,000 super charging piles.

The project is said to consist of Tesla’s third-generation superchargers, with a maximum charging rate of 250KW. Some models, such as the Model 3, will be able to add a cruising range of about 250km after charging for 15 minutes at peak power.

Last year, Tesla China published its environmental assessment report of the charging pile project on its official website of the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Assessment Information of Construction Projects. The report indicated the project’s total investment amounted to 42 million yuan ($6.503 million) and the construction period lasted six months. One major project adjustment has already cost 17.8 million yuan, of which 150,000 yuan was for environmental protection and the construction period lasted for three months.

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During the project’s construction, Tesla made several adjustments. For instance, the company produced a line of charging pile junction boxes which were initially commissioned and then restructure to add a new core rewrapping line in the warehouse.

In addition, thereport states that Tesla reduced its employee count from 200 to 150 according to the needs  of the trial production and implemented a 22-hour operation schedule that totalled 300 working days and a total production time of 6600h/a.

According to Tesla, the company now operates over 700 super charging stations and more than 7,000 super charging piles in the Chinese Mainland. It runs more than 700 destination charging stations and over 1730 destination charging piles. Its charging network is now available in more than 330 Chinese cities.