Tencent’s Weixin Pay Improves Mobile Payment for Foreign Visitors in China

Tencent is strengthening its partnership with global card organizations such as Visa, Discover Global Network (including Diners Club), JCB, and Mastercard. This collaboration aims to enhance the digital payment experience for international users in China. The timing of this initiative aligns with the complete reopening of travel and international business in China, as well as significant upcoming international events in the country.

Weixin Pay has recently expanded its merchant network in China to include international card organizations. This expansion will be implemented gradually. In 2019, Weixin Pay started allowing overseas users to link their international credit cards for use with different pilot services.

The merchant network has grown to include various categories like dining, transportation, shopping, and hotels. Users can make payments using QR codes, payment codes, Weixin Mini Programs, and in-app payments for a better online and offline payment experience.

After linking an international card, users from overseas will have convenient access to over tens of millions of merchants, including small and medium-sized ones. Transaction fees are waived for single transactions equal to or less than 200 RMB (about 28 USD) in order to meet the payment needs of users who make frequent small-amount payments. Please refer to the payment page for specific details.

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People entering the Chinese Mainland can use their passports, Mainland Travel Permit and Mainland Residence Permit for Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and Taiwan residents, or Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card to set up their Weixin Pay, link an international credit card or debit card, and start enjoying mobile payments across the country.

Chinese regulators have previously encouraged the improvement of mobile payment solutions for visitors to enhance their payment experience. They also encourage domestic payment service providers to collaborate with overseas card issuers in order to offer mobile payment options to international visitors, following all relevant rules and regulations.

The number of incoming overseas tourists is increasing due to upcoming international sporting events like the FISU World University Games in Chengdu and the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Tencent aims to enhance the mobile payment experience for overseas users by supporting international cards on Weixin Pay and connecting overseas local wallets with mainland China.