Tencent Reveals Wearable Fingerstall Patent, Capable of Detecting Object Contact Information

On February 20th, Tencent disclosed a patent on Chinese company profile platform Tianyancha for “Wearable Fingerstalls, Wearable Systems, Control Methods, Devices, and Storage Media.” The patent outlines a wearable technology solution featuring fingerstalls consisting of a fingerstall body and a detection part.

The fingerstall body is designed to accommodate fingers comfortably, while the detection part is responsible for identifying contact or movement between the finger and target objects. When contact or movement is detected, the system collects information such as surface features and pressure data of the target object.

These wearable fingerstalls are capable of interacting with various objects, including thumbs, palms, desktops, and textured textiles, facilitating convenient operation. The technology enables users to access a range of detection information, allowing for diverse control options and enhancing operational precision and convenience.

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