Tencent’s Messaging App WeChat Narrows Access Restrictions on External Links

Tencent’s popular messaging app WeChat released a statement on Monday saying that it will update its external link management measures.

In a one-on-one chat scenario, users will be able to access external links directly without any restrictions. For group chat situations, Wechat will test out the function of directly accessing external e-commerce links. WeChat also plans to develop an independent selection mode to provide users with external link management functions.

The company also said that, under the guidance of the regulatory authorities, it will continue to work with major Internet platforms to promote interconnection schemes while exploring the technical possibilities of seamlessly using WeChat services on other platforms.

This statement is a further upgrade of WeChat’s external link specifications in September. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology put forward the relevant regulations on interconnections in the same month, requiring all platforms to stop blocking access to each other’s websites.

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On September 17, WeChat issued a statement saying that it had opened up access to external links in one-to-one chat scenario. At the same time, it provided users with self-selection rights and an external link complaint portal.