“Tencent Yuanbao” Launches: Based on the Hunyuan LM, Supports AI Search, Summarization, Writing

On May 30th, Tencent officially released the consumer-oriented AI assistant “Tencent Yuanbao” based on the Hunyuan large model. It has now been listed on app stores such as App Store, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, OPPO and Apple App Store.

According to official introduction, Tencent Yuanbao is an AI product based on Tencent Hunyuan large model, providing core capabilities such as AI search, AI summarization, and AI writing. It can analyze multiple WeChat public account links, URLs, as well as documents in various formats like PDFs, Word files, and text files at once. It also supports a super long context window. Targeting daily life scenarios, Tencent Yuanbao offers several unique AI applications and introduces new features such as creating personal intelligent entities.

It is worth mentioning that leveraging Tencent‘s ecological advantages in the field of AI search, Tencent Yuanbao integrates with WeChat Search and Sogou Search engines and enhances its performance through AI search to improve the effectiveness of timely news and knowledge-related queries compared to traditional searches. Additionally, it covers content from WeChat public accounts within the Tencent ecosystem and authoritative internet sources for higher accuracy in answers.

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