Tencent Will Shut Down MOO Music, Service Ends on December 31st

On December 3rd, Tencent Music Entertainment Group announced that MOO Music, a subsidiary of the group, will officially cease its services on December 31st, 2023.

The announcement states that on December 15th, new account registration, MOO coin recharge, and payment services will be suspended, and account asset processing will begin. On December 20th, all song auditioning, downloading, and other content consumption services will be stopped, with only account asset processing and migration services remaining. On December 31st, apart from account asset processing and migration, all operations and services will officially cease. The servers will be shut down at that time, and the app will no longer be accessible.

MOO Music was launched in November 2018 with the slogan “Discover more good music, where music is freedom.” It aims to cater to young users who enjoy exploring niche and high-quality music, providing them with the possibility of discovering more excellent music. Some opinions have suggested that MOO Music is a music product launched by Tencent Music Entertainment Group as a response to NetEase Cloud Music. However, unlike NetEase Cloud Music’s emphasis on algorithm-based song recommendations, MOO Music’s recommended playlists are curated by editors and focus more on operations.

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