Tencent to Commence Annual 99 Giving Day Charity Event

Shenzhen-based tech giant Tencent has scheduled its annual charity event, “99 Giving Day,” to run from September 1-10. On August 31, the Tencent Charity Foundation held a Hong Kong launch event and initiation ceremony for 99 Giving Day, under the theme “Together for Good.”

During 99 Giving Day, which is now in its eighth year, the Tencent Charity Foundation will provide a special incentive fund of 100 million yuan ($14.51 million), on top of 300 million yuan ($43.54 million) in donation funds. The funds will support the growth of more growing and innovative charity projects, and to help build a diversified, healthy and sustainable internet charity ecology.

This year, 99 Giving Day will unveil a public welfare interaction mechanism created by all. It will see the release of a new game called “One Flower, One Dream,” and will enable each netizen to become a product manager of 99 Giving Day. It is also a brand-new exploration of the Tencent charity platform by voting for public welfare advocates by assisting public welfare dreams with small red flowers.

Since the end of June, the Tencent Charity Foundation started to collect charity intentions from netizens, and received more than 8,000 public welfare programs from more than 7,000 netizens. These programs involve public welfare issues such as caring for the lonely elderly, paying attention to rural children, environmental protection and rural revitalization.

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In the end, a total of 16 public welfare programs were launched during the event, including “sponsoring 1,000 rural children to go to museums,” “guarding mental health of 10,000 rural children” and “providing free hearing screening for 10,000 rural elderly people.” Netizens can donate little red flowers to support their favorite program and get their own “little red flower bill.” When the number of small red flowers reaches the specified number, the Tencent Charity Foundation will cooperate with industry partners and select suitable charity organizations as organizers, implement the program and regularly give feedback on the program’s progress to users.

In addition, on the Tencent charity platform, users can get small red flowers through acts of public welfare, such as donating money, donating steps and answering questions. More and more Tencent business partners connect with little red flowers and jointly explore diversified public welfare scenarios and public welfare behaviors, so that little red flowers can record users’ charity behaviors.

During the 99 Giving Day in 2021, more than 68.7 million people donated 3.569 billion yuan. In addition to donations, 10.97 million netizens participated in behavioral public welfare by walking and other means. The number of interactions between little red flowers exceeded 125 million, and both the donation amount and the number of interactions reached a new high.