Tencent Tests Interactive Entertainment Platform Bibiji

Tencent has recently conducted alpha testing of an app called “Bibiji.” The new product is an exclusive multiplayer entertainment platform for young people, containing alternative casual party games, as well as easy, fun and interactive gameplay, Tech Planet reported on July 19.

With a focus on party games, Bibiji users can experience multiplayer online party modes and the ability to voice chat in real time. In addition, it allows users to spectate others and post comments. It is worth noting that these games are cloud games, which require no download and do not take up memory.

Social products in recent years have seen a new trend in social gaming, including Alibaba‘s SnapPea Bibi and Tencent‘s NokNok. NokNok mainly creates group chats, and minimizes one-on-one chat modes.

WeChat, which focuses on social networking among acquaintances, has long been an essential tool for Chinese users’ contact and daily life due to years of accumulation, and it is difficult for new social products to subvert its status. The niche social products in active operation have high activity, but not solid social relationships, bearing regulatory risks.

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Game-based social platforms are also inherently interest-based. They provide a way to create more effective common topics for communication. This helps to catalyze, maintain or strengthen the relationship between oneself and others, carrying out a series of interactive behaviors, thereby reinforcing the activity of social products.