Tencent Opens Up Enterprise-Level Design System TDesign

On December 23rd, Tencent announced that TDesign, an enterprise-level design system, was officially made open source. As an enterprise-level design system that has been tested by over 500 internal businesses, TDesign brings together Tencent‘s extensive component library capabilities, design and R&D experience.

TDesign now supports mainstream technology stacks such as Vue 2, Vue Next and React, making it more convenient for users to quickly develop multiple versions of applications such as computer apps, mobile apps and mini programs. The opening up of the source code means that designers and developers will be able to better help enterprises improve their design and R&D efficiency.

Tencent‘s TDesign hosts a range of reusable design components, such as color and text systems in addition to dynamic design while  supporting major product design software such as Axure, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and others. Users can view tutorials and code demonstrations for components as they need, and can build their own product interface through simple operations.

In terms of product design, TDesign has built a set of general solutions, which has refined Tencent‘s extensive internal design experience into a professional guide, and has significantly lowered the threshold of product design.

In addition, TDesign provides auxiliary design tools such as the Sketch design plug-in, and supports the use of design materials in Tencent Codesign, Instant JSDesign, Pixso, Ink Knife and other commonly used design tools on the market.

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The next step for the company is to provide industry components in different vertical fields, covering more businesses in its scope. Product teams can quickly configure corresponding requirements and begin developing their businesses with the help of built-in industry themes.