Tencent Games Unveils Over 40 Products and Projects at SPARK 2022

Tencent Games introduced 44 products and projects for the Chinese market, along with several concepts that harness game-related technology for cultural, industrial and scientific research, during its “SPARK 2022” conference held on Monday.

This conference has been divided into three sections: “New Technology Exploration,” “New Product Experience,” and “More New Values.”

As part of the New Technology Exploration section, Tencent Games announced seven game technology cooperation projects for the first time. These include digital Great Wall of China, the Library Cave of Dunhuang, the Beijing Central Axis, the Chasing All Transients Constellation Hunters (CATCH) program, Full Flight Simulator (FFS), 3D full-fidelity digital factory, and a game-driven robots intelligent learning project.

The digital Great Wall of China project offers accurate measurement of the Xifengkou section of the Great Wall through high quality scanning. The use of game technologies including Programmed Content Generation (PCG) technology, cloud gaming, and others, allows users to experience the scenery of the Great Wall online through a WeChat mini program.

The Library Cave of Dunhuang has been jointly created by the Dunhuang Research Institute and Tencent through digital technology of cultural relics and game technology. The program allows for the transformation of the heritage site into vivid stories, and for the public to better understand the history and culture behind it in a compelling way.

The Library Cave of Dunhuang (Source: Tencent Games)

For the New Product Experience section, Tencent released 26 products, including 12 new games and a demo of its native cloud game technology. In the demo, players are brought back to the era of dinosaurs in a movie-level, real-time interactive scene with ultra-fine rendered dinosaurs and dense woods.

Also, Honor of Kings released a series of new activities. The Naruto mobile game will combine the classic gameplay of Chinese martial arts in July this year, and will launch a brand-new character. Game for Peace has also released a series of new gameplay and upgrades.

One new product, Return to Empire, is a strategy-based mobile game developed for the Chinese market by TiMi Studio Group in partnership with Xbox Game Studios. It integrates classic elements from the Age of Empires IP and expands gameplay with a greater degree of freedom across 625 square kilometers of the 3D battlefield.

Return to Empire
Return to Empire (Source: Tencent Games)

For the last section, More New Values, Tencent Games launched 11 products and projects, focusing on the cross-border application of games in youth growth, carbon neutrality, rural revitalization, medical care and social welfare.

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In addition, Huya Inc., being the official livestreaming partner of the event, has joined hands with popular game streamers on the Huya platform to show game and livestreaming users first-hand experience of the new game titles and content. As a leading game livestreaming platform in China, Huya has continued to strengthen its collaboration and cooperation with Tencent Games regarding game resources integration and operational efforts of new games, to make sure that game and livestreaming users enjoy the exclusive experience and competitive resources brought by Huya.