Tencent Applies for New Barcode of Switch Controller with Chinese Version Color Scheme

On June 24th, Tencent applied for new barcodes for the Chinese version of the Switch Joy-Con controllers in new colors including light purple/green and light pink/yellow.

Previously, on June 2nd, Nintendo announced two new color options for the Joy-Con controllers on their official website: pastel purple/green and pastel pink/yellow. The two color options that Tencent applied for are identical to those announced by Nintendo. According to the official announcement, these new colored controllers will be available for purchase starting from June 30th with a retail price of $79.99 in the US market. It is possible that they will also be released in China on the same date.

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Currently, the Chinese version of Joy-Con controllers have 4 color options: Red/Blue, Pink/Green, Purple/ Orange, and Blue/Yellow.

Joy-Con is the main controller for Nintendo Switch game console. It can be attached to the Nintendo Switch console for use or detached and wirelessly connected to the console. When separated, a pair of Joy-Cons can be used by one player or each Joy-Con can be used by two players.