Tencent and Changan Automobile Sign A Agreement for Further Strategic Cooperation

On July 11th, Changan Automobile and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chongqing, China. Building upon their previous collaboration, the two parties will strengthen cooperation in multiple areas such as intelligent cockpit, navigation and maps, autonomous driving, overseas ecosystem, and corporate digital transformation. Together, they aim to promote higher-quality digital transformation and support Changan Automobile’s expansion into overseas markets.

Since 2017, Changan Automobile and Tencent have reached a strategic cooperation agreement and have made significant progress in cross-industry collaboration. This time, the two parties signed an agreement to deepen their strategic cooperation, which will help Changan Automobile accelerate its transformation into an intelligent low-carbon travel technology company.

In terms of navigation and maps, both parties will promote the next generation of intelligent in-car navigation products for human-vehicle co-driving scenarios, creating an innovative navigation and driving experience.

In terms of autonomous driving, both parties will jointly explore feasible cooperation points in the development toolchain and cloud platform construction for autonomous driving research and development, aiming to accelerate the implementation of Changan’s autonomous driving research.

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In terms of overseas ecology, Tencent will actively provide advantageous resource support for Changan Automobile’s global business layout, fully leveraging the advantages of Tencent Cloud and global ecological resources to help Changan Automobile better explore overseas markets and jointly explore new growth opportunities abroad.

In terms of enterprise digital transformation, both parties will promote the transformation and upgrading of Changan Automobile in various fields, such as digital marketing, enterprise collaborative office, smart park, and smart factory.

In the future, both parties will take deepening strategic cooperation as an opportunity to engage in broader and deeper frontier explorations, create a cross-border benchmark of ‘data-reality integration,’ and contribute together to the development of China’s automotive industry.