Taobao Has Opened WeChat QR Code Payment Function for Some Users

Recently, some netizens have reported that the Taobao payment page has an option for ‘WeChat QR code payment’. In fact, this feature has been tested for a long time, but currently it is still only available to some users.

The official response from Taobao states, ‘The WeChat QR code payment function is still gradually being rolled out. Currently, it is only available to some users and only certain products support this payment method. Whether or not it can be used depends on what is displayed on the page.’

According to the introduction, the WeChat QR code payment process is that users save the QR code and then use WeChat’s ‘Scan’ function to make payments. Taobao customer service stated that this feature ‘may also become popular in the future.’

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This feature was at least in beta testing as early as March 2022, and to this day, we still often see users reporting that they have encountered this option on their Taobao.

In September 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) required all platforms to unblock website links according to the standards by September 17th. By the end of November 2021, WeChat released an updated statement regarding the ‘WeChat External Link Content Management Specification’, stating that direct access to external links will be allowed in one-on-one chat scenarios, and a trial will be conducted for enabling direct access to e-commerce-related external links in group chat scenarios.