Super Zero Completes A Round of Financing, Launches New Calorie-Controlled Cuisine

Healthy fast food brand Super Zero completed its A round of financing in early 2020, led by Qriza Seed, Joy Capital, China Growth Capital and Vision Capital following suit, Thriving Capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser. Super Zero received millions of dollars in a Pre-A round of financing and $10 million in an angel round of financing.

Super Zero was founded in 2017 and launched calorie-burning products in May 2019. Super Zero helps people achieve fat loss by providing calorie-burning meals. At present, this star product ranks first in its Tmall category, with monthly sales of 10 million yuan, and a repurchase rate 2-3 times that of similar products.

According to Super Zero, Chinese people tend to prefer to eat Chinese food. Although milkshakes, energy bars and other meal substitutes can achieve the purpose of calorie control in the short term, it is not a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

Super zero wants to start with low-calorie Chinese dishes, focusing on healthy and delicious fast food products that can help people with their diet.

On Sept. 23, Super Zero officially launched a new feature food, “Low Calorie Cuisine.” Each meal is less than 300 kcal and has three key features:

  • Oil control: Has 64% less cooking oil compared with traditional Chinese food
  • Sugar control: Meals are made with natural erythritol instead of white granulated sugar
  • Core ingredients: Konjac rice, oats, and white kidney beans are used in many of the meals, which helps reduce the amount of calories per meal by 65%.

Konjac rice, oats and Coix are the primary ingredients for many of the meals, supplemented with controlled oil and sugar to reduce calories and prolong the feeling of “feeling full.”

Super Zero cooperates with experienced chefs who can create customized meals. Some of the low-calorie meals include plum dish Dongpo meat rice, spicy chicken rice, soybean stewed meat rice, and turkey-flavored noodles. In October, Super Zero will extend its product line of noodles with the launch of Liuzhou river snail rice noodles and other new flavors.

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Super Zero is an ideal option to replace high-calorie takeout. Low-calorie rice can be microwaved for 2 minutes or boiled on the stovetop for 6 minutes.

The average price of Super Zero’s low-calorie rice is about 25 yuan, which is cheaper than takeout and traditional convenience store fast food. 

In the future, Super Zero will establish its main sales channel through online e-commerce platforms. The company also plans to enter offline channels such as convenience stores next year.