Su Jing Quits As Head of Huawei’s Intelligent Driving Product Division

On Wednesday, Huawei confirmed that Su Jing, a key figure in its intelligent driving product division, had left the company. Su used to be the director of Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Solutions (ADS), the chief architect of Huawei Terminal, and head of Huawei’s smart driving product division. He helped develop Huawei’s DaVinci AI Chip Architecture, and promoted Huawei’s ADS automated driving road test of the BAIC Arcfox Alpha S.

In fact, in July 2021, Huawei issued a statement that Su Jing had been removed for inappropriate comments made about Tesla’s autonomous self-driving technology at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021 (WAIC 2021). Huawei said it had decided to “remove Su Jing from the post of director of intelligent driving products department. Su will enter the reserve team for training and distribution.”

The “inappropriate remarks” refer to Su’s speech at WAIC 2021. Su had claimed Tesla vehicles are “killing people”, referring to the autopilot issue that was affecting the company’s vehicles and had been reported in the news at that time.

It was previously reported that Su would join NIO, but he himself denied the news on his WeChat Momens last July.

After the incident, Huawei issued an internal document, removing Su Qing from the post as head of the intelligent driving products department. Bian Honglin, formerly Huawei’s consumer BG CTO, replaced Su as the Smart Car Solutions BU CTO. Wang Jun, took on the position as President of Huawei’s Intelligent Driving Solution’s production line.

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At the same time, with Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group (BG), concurrently serving as CEO of Smart Car Solutions BU, many managers of Huawei Consumer BG have also been transferred to the unit.

In recent months, several personnel changes have taken place within Huawei’s automated driving department. Many managers, including Chen Qi, former director of the autonomous driving R&D department, and She Xiaoli, chief functional safety expert of Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU, have left to join car companies such as Zeekr and NIO. Huawei has not responded to these departures.