Starting from 219,900 Yuan: ONVO’s First Car L60 Starts Pre-Sale

On May 15th, during tonight’s press conference, ONVO, a sub-brand of NIO, officially launched its first model L60. The starting price is 219,900 yuan (with a pre-sale deposit of 2,000 yuan that can be offset against the purchase price by 6,000 yuan but different configurations for various models were not disclosed). It is positioned by the official as a family smart electric mid-size SUV and will be delivered in September.

The dimensions of ONVO L60 are 4828mm in length, 1930mm in width, and 1616mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2950mm. It is claimed to be longer, wider, and have more interior space than the Model Y. The design inspiration for the daytime running lights and taillights comes from ‘the road upwards’, while the cabin design concept is ‘urban oasis’. The front and rear seats can be fully folded down.

According to ONVO President Ai Tiecheng, the L60 has more than 59 collision condition verifications that exceed industry standards, with comprehensive safety that goes beyond standards. The second-row safety of the L60 was considered as a top priority from the beginning of its design.

In terms of spatial performance, the new car can achieve “cross-legged freedom” and “strolling freedom in the car” when two 1.8-meter passengers sit in both front and rear rows. In terms of detailed data, the car provides 1046mm of headroom for the front row, 1010mm for the rear row, and 160mm of net knee space for the rear row. The car can also accommodate two 28-inch suitcases, two 24-inch suitcases, and one 20-inch suitcase, claiming to achieve “luggage freedom.

In terms of the cabin, the car offers a 13-inch HUD, a 17.2-inch 3K central control screen, and an 8-inch rear entertainment scene screen placed at the end of the central armrest, all equipped with the new ONVO OS system.

In terms of range, the car consumes 12.1 kWh per hundred kilometers, claiming to have the lowest energy consumption in the mid-size SUV industry. It will offer three different battery packs: 555km, 730km, and over 1000km. The car features a global 900V high-voltage architecture and is equipped with a self-developed 900V silicon carbide main electric drive system. The car also claims to challenge global mass-produced SUVs for ultra-low aerodynamic drag coefficient with a drag coefficient of 0.229 at speeds of up to120 km/h.

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